Fundraising Made Easy & Fun!

Bowl-O-Rama has many great fundraising ideas and events for lots of groups. Many local school groups have raised money to help their sports teams, music departments, graduating classes, and much more. Bowling is a great fundraiser for churches, charities, and other organizations too!

We have three great fundraising models to choose from:

Variable Lane FunRaiser

We charge you a discounted rate for each lane, which includes bowling, shoe rental, and Cosmic Bowling (if available).

Then, you determine the price for each participant based on your fundraising goals. Assign 5 to 6 participants to each lane.

Subtract the discounted lane fees from your total collected, and your organization keeps the difference!

Ticketed FunRaising Event

Set a two-hour event for your organization. We print tickets to the event for you, which you sell for $15 each. Return all unsold tickets and pay Bowl-O-Rama for the number of tickets sold. We will donate up to 50% of the proceeds back to your organization! Sell out 132 tickets and you could earn up to $990 in two hours of fun!

Available times vary, and are limited. Please call for availability

Giveback FunRaiser

Set a date and time window to support your cause. Invite as many people as you can to the fundraising event. Participants pay regular prices for bowling, shoe rental, food, and beverages. We will donate 20% of the sales (arcade excluded) to your organization! Hold the event during one of our specials and attract even more people!

Benefits of Fundraisers at Bowl-O-Rama

  • No up-front costs except for a small deposit depending on the fundraiser model you choose
  • Great for families and almost anyone can bowl
  • We can accommodate a large number of people
  • Music and song requests available for extra fun
  • No campaigning door to door
  • No order form collecting
  • No delivery responsibilities
  • No weather factor
  • It’s easy and FUN!
  • Service, not goods-oriented – no leftover product to pay for
  • Groups keep a large portion of ALL money raised
  • We do all the clean-up
  • Our staff will be there to help assist you and organize the event

Each FunRraiser has different elements and options that can be customized for your group. It’s always best to talk to us while planning your event so we can help you decide what program will work best for your organization.